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Crafting the Good Life

Here is where we kick back. Where we entertain. And swap stories. Here is where we languor a bit longer in the warmth of the sun and collect memories that glow like fireflies in a jar.

Here is where we live The Good Life.

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Debbie Gale
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Best place ever to buy patio furniture. Kyle spent time and his expertise was amazing. Loved working with him. Won’t shop anywhere else.
Fusion club chair and table on the beach

The Good Life Isn't A Collection Of Things.
It Is A Collection Of Moments.

Moments of laughter and love, gratitude and grace, connection and reflection, celebration and affirmation – fully realized, deeply experienced, deliberately lived… moments… when the metronome of life is purposefully slowed, and a crystalline clarity of what is truly important is mercifully revealed.

Art of the Good Life

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