It’s for those seeking better wellness – fitness, work-life-balance, enriched personal connections. It’s a path to find some joy in your physical, mental, and emotional states. That’s what we had in mind when we designed the E2000 swim spa.

We combined our exclusive resistance current with luxurious jetted massage seats and wrapped it in one beautiful, low-maintenance package. Swim, run, or exercise in temperate 85-degree water in the front, then unwind at 104 degrees inside the spa area at the back. The E2000 gives you complete control, without sacrifice.

Additional information


58" Swim, 58" Swim & Treadmill


20’ L X 58” H X 89” W

Water Capacity

2,350 gal (2,000 swim/350 spa), 2,395 gal (2,045 swim/350 spa)

Dry Weight

4,090 lbs., 4,215 lbs.

Filled Weight

25,545 lbs., 25,795 lbs.