When ordinary doesn’t cut it, the E550 provides the ultimate aquatic fitness and swim experience. In the spirit of less is more, the E550 is unique for what it’s missing. With standing spa zones (instead of spa seating), relocated filtration and steps, and an expanded width of 94 inches, the E550 maximizes the active area. This gives you extra room for practicing the most dynamic aquatic exercises and to stretch out your swim stroke. And when your workout is done, you can enjoy the unique standing hydromassage jets for muscle rejuvenation. With the E550, nothing gets in the way of your progress.

Additional information


58" Swim, 58" Swim & Treadmill


15′ L X 58″ H X 94″ W

Water Capacity

2,360 gal, 2,390 gal

Dry Weight

3,575 lbs., 3,700 lbs.

Filled Weight

23,235 lbs., 25,110 lbs.