FreshWater Mineral Spa Sanitizer Mailer (50/case)


Simply Install and replace the cartridge every four months.

  • Part of the Freshwater Water Care System
  • Previously known as: the FreshWater Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer Cartridge (Freshwater Silver Ion Cartridge) or the Hot Springs Freshwater AG+ silver ion sanitizer
  • Works with Hot Spring, Tiger River, Solana, and Limelight hot tubs.
  • Designed to be used inside of the gray spa filter stand pipe with the handle up (See installation instructions below)
  • Each cartridge lasts 4 months before needing to be replaced (3 pack lasts 1 full year)
  • Makes spas easy to manage
  • Halogen Free (No Chlorine or Bromine)
  • Improves the performance of Ozone Sanitation Systems
  • Compatible with the Freshwater Salt System.