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How to Avoid Going Stir Crazy at Home

Our homes have become our 24/7 living, working, eating, teaching, learning, and entertainment space. It can be hard to find fresh perspectives and new things to do within the same four walls day in and day out. But, with some basic tips and tricks, you can turn those stir crazies upside-down.

Here are a few simple ways to stomp out the negative feelings associated with feeling “stuck” at home.

Stay on schedule

Our bodies and minds crave routine. This is due to our circadian rhythms, the 24 hour cycles our bodies go through every day to keep functions and processes running. When we lose sleep or eat at drastically different times, our circadian rhythms get thrown off which can lead to fatigue, among other negative side effects.

Creating a schedule for yourself will help keep your body clock on track, which in turn can improve your wellbeing. Try getting up at the same time every morning and going to bed at the same time every night. Follow a morning routine like brewing coffee, walking the dog, and doing one small thing to clean the house. Getting up and dressed each morning will help you feel more “normal” and prepare you for the day.

End your day with something relaxing to help you unwind and prepare for bed, like watching movies or soaking in your hot tub.  These nighttime activities, when done routinely, help prepare your brain for sleep and tell your body that it’s time for bed.

Get active

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of staying active ad nauseum at this point, but it’s for a good reason! Endorphins (your brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitters) released from physical activity have been proven to increase your overall health and sense of well-being.

You don’t need to go to a gym for a great workout. There are tons of YouTube workouts you can follow along with that can be done from home in your living room, garage, or even outside if you have the space. Most of the workouts do not require you to have any special equipment.

Get creative

Take this time to tap into your creativity. Find what interests you and look up some tutorials online. It can be cooking, painting, pottery, sewing, building, dancing, or anything else! Creative outlets like these help to soothe the mind and gives you a healthy outlet for expression. Remember–it doesn’t have to be good! You don’t have to be a master painter or 5-star chef to enjoy these hobbies.

Stay connected

Make time to check on friends and family through text, phone calls, video chats, or even social media. Connecting with others is good for the soul and will help you feel less trapped at home. You can look up games or virtual activities to do, or you can just chat! Even if you don’t quite feel like socializing, you may be surprised at how good it feels to connect with a loved one in that moment.

These simple tricks can greatly help when you’re feeling a little stir crazy. What are you waiting for? Create yourself a schedule, finish a quick workout, take a dip in your spa, paint a picture, and call a loved one today.

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