Invigorate yourself in warm water. Then pamper yourself with hot-tub luxury. There’s no compromise and no waiting with this 20′ swim spa. The spacious 15′ activity area lets you swim, work out, and play, while the spa area offers hydromassage seating for recovery and relaxation. It’s the total package for your family’s wellness and leisure time.

The X2000 adjusts for most every swimming and fitness level thanks to our exclusive SwimCross current: our airless jets provide variable resistance while keeping you lifted and supported. We designed the current especially for families like yours that prioritize wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. So suit up, dip in, and get energized!

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20’ L X 58” H X 89” W

Water Capacity

2,350 gal (2,000 swim/350 spa)

Dry Weight

3,460 lbs.

Filled Weight

24,790 lbs.